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Providing Custom Designs Since 1964

We have provided pressure relief valves, check valves, mechanical assemblies and precision machined components to our customers with pride since 1964.

Mercury Manufacturing's People

Our people make the difference. They are highly trained and dedicated staff who work closely with our customers from design review and refinement, through prototype development, to full scale production of custom parts and light mechanical assemblies. We credit our success to our talented staff of machinists, engineers, quality assurance specialists and operators. Mercury takes care to hire only the most qualified individuals – custom engineering solutions require engineers with both technical skills and creativity.

We are always looking for fresh new talent. Check out our employment page for current openings.

The Latest in Machinery & Design Software

Our CNC machining and assembly equipment provide for high precision as well as highly repeatable manufacturing. At Mercury, we are constantly updating our design software, machinery and facilities to stay ahead of customer needs. Currently we use:

  • SolidWorks 3D design software
  • AutoCAD design software
  • PartMaker CAM software

This software allows us to interactively exchange engineering support data and drawings with customers including finding the most cost effective processes and materials. We never lose focus on meeting customer requirements for quality and on time delivery at a fair and reasonable price.

Continual Improvement at Mercury Manufacturing

Mercury is determined to keep up with the latest technology and techniques to ensure that we are prepared to meet future customer demands. Recently, Mercury has invested in new machinery and we have rearranged our facilities employing Lean Manufacturing concepts to improve process flow – saving time, energy and money through more efficient use of our resources.  Our clean room environment where our custom valve designs are assembled ensures they will meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of our customers.